Benefits of ICF
Insulated Concrete Forms


Indoor Comfort, Air Quality, and Health Concerns

While saving money is important, knowing that we are providing a comfortable and healthy living environment for our family is even more important. ICF benefits home owners who can have peace of mind knowing that they can enjoy both. ICF construction offers much in indoor comfort, air quality, and health:

  • Air-tight walls with a large thermal mass keep the interior of the home comfortable, regardless of the outside temperature
  • Air-tightness means clean air with no dust, allergens, or other outside air contaminates
  • ICF eliminates fiberglass or other insulation in walls, thus reducing particles in indoor air
  • Uniform temperatures are maintained throughout the home with no isolated cold or hot areas
  • ICF walls’ thermal mass comprised of two layers of foam with poured concrete between them protects the home’s interior from outside temperature extremes
  • Cement fills the cavity of ICF walls so mold, pest, and rodent issues are eliminated
  • ICF’s superior acoustical performance reduces outside noise up to twice as much as a similar wood frame house for a quieter indoor environment
  • ICF contains low emitting materials with no VOCs, HCFCs, or formaldehyde
  • No rotting or decaying wood material behind walls
  • The combination of the foam and cement in ICF walls forms a highly effective moisture barrier which controls water filtration and eliminates potential for mold issues


Eco-Friendly and Green Benefits of ICF

From the raw materials to the installation, Titan ICF products meet the requirements for being eco-friendly and “green.” Titan ICF products, with their energy efficiency and material properties, qualify for LEED credits in various categories such as Sustainable Sites; Materials and Resource; Indoor Environmental Quality; Innovation and Design; and Regional Priority. LEED, the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, sets the nationwide standards outlined in the Green Building Rating System. The following are a few of the “green” benefits of insulating forms from Titan ICF.

  • Use of ICF instead of wood saves forests
  • The main raw material for the cement in concrete is limestone, the most abundant mineral on earth
  • ICF forms were designed to reduce material waste at the job site
  • ICF products contain recycled content
  • All material waste from ICF products can be completely recycled– including concrete
  • All ICF components and materials are produced within a 500 mile radius
  • ICF components do not produce VOCs, HCFCs, or formaldehyde off-gassing
  • Concrete structures have a long life cycle
  • Use of fly ash, silica fume, or slag cement as a substitute for cement reduces greenhouse emissions

Why hire Titan ICF?

  • Local Texas company based in the Rio Grande Valley
  • Professionally trained and experienced installers
  • Straight wall installations or complete shell assembly
  • Our reputation is based on our excellent customer service after the sale.


Shelter and safe harbor from many natural disasters

We often refer to our homes as being a shelter for our family, but have you ever stopped to think what that really means? Would your family be safe in your home during a hurricane, a tornado, or a fire? ICF construction actually does provide shelter and safe harbor from many of Mother Nature’s disasters. Titan ICF benefits can include:

  • Fire resistance of up to 5 hours
  • Protection from tornado and hurricane-force winds of up to 200 mph
  • Protects from flying debris during wind storms
  • Disaster resistance
  • Reduction impact from vehicles and falling trees
  • Protection for people suffering from allergens or asthma
  • Protection from pests and other rodents
  • Easy, accurate, and efficient installation of ICF blocks

Energy Savings

Lower Overall Home Ownership Expenses

In addition to the tremendous savings on energy costs, construction using ICF benefits include substantial savings on the cost of home ownership. Homeowners can benefit from and can feel good about the excellent value they are getting from their decision to build with ICF from Titan ICF. Short-range savings from building with wood should be compared with the following long-range benefits of building with Titan ICF.

  • 50% to 80% energy savings on utility costs, especially when combined with whole-house energy saving systems for lower heating and cooling costs
  • 80% of air leakage is through the walls, and ICFs air tightness eliminates air leakage.
  • Reduced insurance premiums for classification of home as disaster-resistant
  • Exterior ICF walls use 44% less energy to heat and 32% less energy to cool
  • High energy efficiency of ICF may allow for downsizing of HVAC system
  • Eliminates pest and rodent control expenses
  • Strong, durable material with little to zero maintenance expenses
  • Overall low home ownership expenses
  • A return on investment after only 3 to 5 years of construction
  • ICF homes traditionally maintain higher resale values